Who is Apu?

Aparna Singh. Worked in the corporate sector for over 7 years in multiple roles – Market Researcher, Consultant, Marketer. Besides these, I am a Feminist, a Writer, a Reader, a Traveller and a Juggler of Multiple things.

Have now moved out of the corporate world for a more independent existence. I consult with a start-up research firm. The rest of my time, I am looking at writing as a means of keeping oneself afloat. Particularly interested either in any business/sectoral writing, or in writing for social issues.

This blog is mainly for my writing on issues in Indian society, especially those relating to women, and also for some business related stuff.

You can also find me at A long way Ahead, where I serve up some interesting travel tales and links.

My fiction work is stored at A Wind-up Bird Chronicle which is not active currently, but likely to be revived in the future.

Where can you find me? Well, I live in Bangalore, and my virtual address is aputhebird AT yahoo dot com



  1. I like that one on feminism.

  2. Sanjay, welcome – and hope to see you back !

  3. Apu,

    thanks for the comment on my blog posting on employee retention; I couldn’t agree more!
    Good luck on the consulting journey; you are where I was nearly thirty years ago–it’s a good journey!

  4. hello….

    how was your trip?! Are you gonna to Chennai any time soon?!

  5. Hey girlie, guess what? http://desigirl.net.in/blog/2007/09/10/feeling-hot-hot-hot/

  6. […] Aparna Singh […]

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