So long! And thanks for all the …err…blog-love?

Well, not really, but I am on a temporary break from blogging here. I’m likely to move to my own domain shortly, and since that’s going to be integrated with some other stuff, it may take about a month or so. I have a lot of work on my plate at the moment, and with setting up the new site etc, I don’t think I can do justice to maintaining the blog too.

I hope all the readers who have supported me here will continue to visit me at the new address. Also, I wanted to thank all the readers – Amrita, Sparsh, Desigirl, The Hip Hop Grandmom, Itchy, Anindita, Shefaly, Debs, the mad momma – and everyone else – who opened up such wonderful dialogue, with your comments. I like the fact that even where we disagreed, we chose to be civil about it.

The new blog will continue to address some of the issues I blog about, but also, its likely to be a wider one where I blog on my other interests – Literature and Travel. This is also because, I’m likely to start contributing to that fantastic Indian Feminist colla-blog UltraViolet pretty soon, so I can now use my own blog in a slightly more personal way. I’ll keep everyone posted once its up and do visit me there!



  1. Ooh sounds exciting! Good luck with everything xx

  2. Oh yes, me too, right there, to follow your domain too. keep us posted.Good luck

  3. Debs and BD – thanks! Hoping to be back soon….

  4. Keep us posted Apu! Look forward to reading you on Ultraviolet!

  5. all the best! of course we’ll follow you.

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