The Missing Girls

I don’t know which is the organisation behind this ad really, but someone sent it to me today, and I thought it was worth sharing. (As a sort of grim visual accompaniment to this earlier piece).




  1. Pretty intriguing, actually.

  2. I think there’s a sexist slant in the ad. Tthe underlying concern still seems to be that there will be fewer women FOR THE MEN. 🙂

    Yes, feminism is not easy to understand. Not least because there are differences among feminists themselves. And the problem is compounded by the import of western feminist frameworks, based on Western situations, into our own lives.

    And it’s long been recognized that feminism has its own hierarchies. There are the doubly discriminated . . . black women, for instance. Closer home, women of the “forward castes” obviously enjoy rights and privileges that men of the so-called “oppressed castes” don’t. And the women of the “oppressed castes” are doubly discriminated against. Women who rant and rave about their rights to do as they like are not quite so ‘ liberated’ when it comes to treating their domestic helpers or the vegetable sellers. Feminism obviously cannot mean the same thing to everyone.

    Nice blog btw.

  3. I made light of this issue in a post of mine but this is rather serious.with female foeticide being practised shamelessly we are going to end up right here.Not surprising at all.

  4. Thank you all for the comments.

    Smokescreen, you’ve raised an interesting point – is this simply about “women FOR men”. Well I am a bit ambivalent about that. Yes, it does bring in that angle. At the same time, we can’t forget that men are the breadwinners and decision makers in many many families, both urban and rural. Is an ad appealing to their self interest likely to have more effect? You might call it sexist, or selfish, but any advertising prob. works better if it appeals to the viewer’s self interest. In that sense, it may be necessary even if we don’t quite agree with the inherent idea. And yes, I think no ideology or movement can ever mean the same thing to everyone – each person or group appropriates it in a manner useful to them…

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