How does your company Interview – Part II

A long time ago, I did this post on how some companies interview people and the various biases they bring with them. Now Bombay Dosti has this interesting rejoinder from the other side of the table, and why some of those very practices may be valid in the Indian context. I don’t agree with all that she says, but she does make a mean argument, so go read!



  1. Hmmm…I believe ‘Indian context’ makes it even more imperative that personal questions need not be asked. what with the caste/social status/gender/regional biases that we have to deal with on a regular basis.

    Bombay Diary certainly has an interesting viewpoint.

    A tagline I really like is: It is not about where you are coming from. It is about where you are headed.

  2. yes. i am with you on that…infact I had written the original piece not so much with these in mind, but of sheer irritation with some personal experience. but yes. i do believe they harm more than help…

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