Submissions for Carnival

(This is a sticky post and will stay here till the 24th. Regular posting continues below.)

I am going to be hosting the next Carnival of Feminists (Yaaaayyy! I am so thrilled to be doing it). Please therefore do submit posts (either your own or something that you’ve come across) that fits the theme of the carnival. I don’t have a specific theme for this issue, but as always, the piece must concern itself with some aspect of women’s lives. Original pieces only, not pieces just pointing to links. Also, recent posts, which means work that has happened post the last Carnival

If you need more information on what sort of writing is usually included, the Carnival of Feminists page has all the details. Where in doubt however, do send, no harm in that!

How do you send in entries?
Well, use the submission form or email me the link at aputhebird AT yahoo DOT com.

By when does the Carnival go up?
I plan to upload by the 24th Oct, Wednesday, Indian Standard Time (IST). Since IST is about 9-12 hours ahead of various US times, and about 4-8 hours ahead of various European times, I will wait until late evening on the 24th. Other Asian countries + Australia shouldn’t be a problem, since these are ahead of India anyways.

So folks, please go ahead and help me put up one lovely Carnival!