I did not ask for it

This blog has been sorely neglected for a week, thanks to some travelling in the hinterland without internet access, and the subsequent catching up at work. Apologies to those of you who commented…

One of the websites I came across recently, via the fantastic F-Word Blog, is this site that’s running a campaign, ‘I did not ask for it.’ The campaign asks women to send in a photograph of clothing that they were wearing when harassed on the street.

I think this is a brilliant idea. Unfortunately the idea of harassment being related to something that a woman does/doesn’t do is so ingrained in many people’s minds, that the victim ends up being held responsible for what happened to her. I hope campaigns like this will help to show that its not what what women wear, but the sick mindset of attackers that causes street harassment. As of now, there are only two entries on, but I hope more women send in evidence of their experiences.