Effective Presentation

I know I linked to Rowan Manahan’s Blog quite recently, but there is just so much good stuff out there! If you are in any line of work that requires you to use powerpoint, check out this most useful presentation he has, on how to, and how not to use powerpoint.

Today its not just us management types who make presentations. Students use powerpoint, so do academics, and people in all sorts of industries. With greater use comes more misuse. I certainly do my fair share of mistakes on presentations, not being a very visual person. Its fantastic to see the kind of genuine help of this sort that one can find online!

The presentation is 128 slides long, but no way does it feel like that. Well worth a thorough read…And now to see if I can apply some of those principles in my work.



  1. Thank you Apu, glad you liked it. It’s interesting – when I show the piece and ask how many slides people think there are in it, they always underestimate by a large percentage.

  2. Welcome, Rowan. I’m not surprised – even on a not-too-fast connection, it does whiz past!

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