Fantastic Women Bloggers

I don’t usually take up tags or memes that are running through the blog world – mostly because many of these are personal, and I don’t really see this space as a “personal” blog. And well, there are very few business or feminist memes, which are the themes I usually write about. But I thought I’d make an exception this one time for this awarding meme which is running all around, called the rocking girl bloggers. I did some digging around on the origins of this thing and looks like it started out at this blog on blogging.

The idea is to give out these cutesy badges to five women bloggers whom you really like. I came to know about it when (clap, clap!), I got two of these from Desigirl and Amrita.


For a start, I detest the use of the word girl for women, in a logical manner, though I am guilty of using it myself sometimes. Ever wondered why it sounds so condescending to call a man a boy, but perfectly ok to call a grown-up woman a girl? Be that as it may, I do like the idea, and therefore, here is my list of women bloggers I like, and why I like them. (Don’t take this as a ranking please!)

There is Mridula, whose travel blog is really one of the first Indian travel blogs that I read, and which motivated me to start my own. Not only does she present superb photographs of the places that she visits, but her love of the environment and the outdoors sparkles through her words. Besides writing, she is generous with help and I’ve seen her offer suggestions to commentors on her site many a time.

The Evil HR Lady, who hosts a witty HR blog, I’d like to nominate for her insightful commentary on workplace issues. She is empathetic to readers, at the same time practical and doesn’t hesitate to speak out her mind. Plus, she possesses something I’d kill for – an amazing sense of humour.

How can I miss one of my favourite business bloggers, Pamela Slim, a fantastic writer on business and entrepreneurship. Not just content with giving relevant, practical suggestions for small businesses, Pam is also a great motivator and has wonderful suggestions for getting around the many troubles that plague small businesses and self employed people.

But its not all business. There is some good food too! And that brings us to Indira, the super-food-blogger, whose blog Mahanandi has come to my rescue so many times when I am on the lookout for something interesting to eat. Indira shares generously her knowledge of traditional Andhra cuisine, but also ventures into other foods from time to time. Her writing is supplemented by droolworthy photographs, always.

Now that I am coming to the end of my list, it is so, so, so difficult to choose just one person. I like reading Amrita’s eclectic blog, Indiequill, and the Desigirl’s personal one, Chez Moi. But since these ladies have already awarded me, I am not going to do a sort of quid pro quo.

Instead, I’d like to mention here, Baraka, whose Rickshaw Diaries used to be up here, but after a hiatus, have now moved here. I sometimes wonder what makes me feel so close to this blog. Baraka writes from her perspective as a Muslim, American-Pakistani woman. Much of this is alien to me, as a culture. Still, Baraka’s writing shines through with her kindness, generosity, tolerance and a wisdom that seems phenomenal for someone still young.

So I’ve finally done my first meme! If you don’t already read these blogs, I sure hope you will enjoy visiting them.



  1. you so totally rock, dudette! (er, a line from Pratik’s fave movie Finding Nemo!)

    btw, chk ur mail (or Bil’s) and answer asap.

  2. Nice links. This blog is shaping up very nicely! Good going.

    What about your favourite sports blog? 😀

  3. DG, thanks 🙂 on the mail – wil do.

    SS, cool blogs, aren’t they! and yes, now that i am getting this blog on track, the next task is to whip the travel one back into shape…

    As for sports blogs….hmmmm……are you asking this couch potato!

  4. Apu, thanks a lot for your kind words about my blog. I guess it is the interaction that keeps me going, particularly at times I feel I don’t have time to even breathe properly.

  5. Warm greetings my dear & thank you for selecting my blog and for highlighting other blogs I should be reading!

    Isn’t it wonderful how blogs have the potential to bring us into contact with people we would never think to otherwise sit down with, and thus enable us to discover surprising common bonds and unexpected empathy?

    Thank you for your warm welcome!


  6. Mridula and Baraka, you’re welcome. Truly, one of the best things about blogging is the connections we build, and things we learn from complete strangers…

  7. I just happened to visit this blog through one of your nominees’ blog 🙂 here. I really loved the Rocking Girl Blogger Badge you have there. I’d thought it was some kind of Badge any girl/woman blogger could add to her blog but seems like there’s a different story! Anyways this site was a discovery.

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