An Espouser of Traditional Values

I happened to be watching BBC today and came upon this news item about a popular German news and TV show anchor who was fired for talking about the positives in the Nazi regime – what she perceived as the respect for women and motherhood. Now, I believe that while her comments may have been offensive to many, talking about any positive aspect of the Nazi regime (even if it is wrongly perceived as positive) should not be banned.

But what’s interesting is that this lady, Eva Herman, has been crusading for a return to traditional values, by which ofcourse she means that women stay at home and forget about having a career. Does anyone see the irony of a popular TV host advocating this? I wonder what she has to say to President Angela Merkel. Its pathetic though, to see a successful woman deriding other women in this manner, suggesting that the only choice they can make is to limit themselves to marriage and motherhood.

Infact these two words, ‘traditional values’, usually raise my hackles immediately. Not because I think there is anything inherently wrong with all tradition or that it should be discarded. But usually, the demands made in the name of traditional values, are always made on women. Too much crime? Hey, those women should be at home, looking after their families. How about preserving some of our old ways? Why don’t these women wear saris? Never mind if the men can wear anything they like.

I wonder if I should be surprised or relieved that this sort of idiocy is not restricted to our society alone, but exists even in the richest societies of the world. And, finally, she was sacked for saying something irrelevant about Nazi society, but got away with her disrespectful attitude to women easily enough. That alone says volumes about the world we live in.



  1. Bloody Hypocrite.

    Reminds me of Ann Coulter and her opinions of the widows of 9/11. She accuses of some of them of using the tragedy to further their own causes (far left causes obviously) and yet she continues to make money through books and speeches. I don’t know how she can get away with it and yet she does! Repeatedly.

  2. And I didn’t know Tharoor wrote that! He definitely wrote about the beauty of the sari in Riot (where an American talks about it) and then if I am not mistaken even in then Great Indian Novel. The guy is obsessed I tell you!

  3. SS, thank you! hypocrite is the word I was looking for! I wonder how this lady doesn’t realise the irony and indefensible nature of her statements.

    And yes, Tharoor was so obsessed by it that he was way out of line….

  4. Well, the reason the Nazis got away with so much for so long is that they offered Germany some very attractive things, promising jobs and so forth. So apparently a lot of people saw some positive things in them until they became aware of all the atrocities.

  5. Dew – I’m sure a lot of people saw some personal gain in the regime, thats why the support. This woman however, I don’t think she supports the Nazi regime or anything, just happened to mention one particular thing which she thought they did well. She could be ill informed, or may have offended people, but I don’t think she was being malicious. Unlike her position on women!

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