Sexual Harassment – Case Update

I had written earlier about the tragic death of a young woman, Shylaja Praveen, allegedly due to sexual harassment. The police still are at a loose end, unable to find any evidence really pointing to the crime. It seems as though they have managed to find the alleged offender, Bharath, who was earlier absconding. I hope they are able to get to the bottom of this, for if it was really harassment, then in a sense, she was driven to kill herself. However, considering the history of such cases in India, it takes a long time for justice to be done.



  1. I really don’t see that guy being called to book. Somehow or the other, even if he is guilty as sin, there’s bound to be a loophole for him unless she documented each and every instance. You know that’s the one thing that more people in Shylaja’s position should do – document it. Of course, sometimes, like in her case, even that doesn’t help 😦

    btw, why is your font white?

  2. you know i agree with Amrita – it should be documented. who is going to be able to find details now that she has gone. and yet, you don’t realise the seriousness of the issue when it starts. you rebuff a man a couple of times and then someday it gets too much. and the sad part is that the case will be fought for the next 20 years by which time even her family will lose hope and move on…

  3. amrita & mm – when these things start, probably the victim’s first thought, in many cases, would be make things end as quietly as possible, so the thought of documentation etc is very far from one’s mind….although it would help ofcourse, esecially in cases where the victim wants to go to court.

    and amrita, i dont know whats with the white font! i just changed some sidebar colors! have tried to repair the damage, pls let me know if its still the case, cos for some strange reason, it doesnt show that way on my browser…

  4. She went to Pramila Nesargi for advice. My question is why didn’t Nesargi give her a proper plan of action instead of some utterly wimpy advice. Obviously, this was a woman willing to seek solutions. But I suspect she had very little support and the State women’s rights machinery failed her. Grr.

  5. oh yes. infact i had mentioned that in the previous piece i think – she was just asked to “talk to her superiors”….instead, they could have helped her file a complaint or make some noise about it….

  6. Apu – the font is ok now 🙂

    About the superiors thing: well that’s the first step always, especially if you’d like to keep on working for that company. Give them a chance to take care of things on their own without it becoming a bigger issue than it currently is. But I think she should have taken her lawyer with her to the meeting although i’m speaking from hindsight and completely removed from her circumstances.

    And you’re right that the woman in most cases is probably too embarassed or shaken to do much in the first instance but somewhere along the line, it’s good to keep these things in mind. Of course, stalkers typically target women who would be too jittery to do much.

  7. amrita – tks!

    you know – talking to superior would be the first logical step, but, NOT when one is going to the State’s Womens Commission. When someone takes a step like that, its so clear that she has already done whatever she could internally…and yeah, who thinks of bringing in lawyers etc, most people do want to resolve things quietly. (which as you said, may very well be what unscrupulous bullies bank on)

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