Pepsi does an Uncle act

For those who haven’t seen the new Pepsi commercial yet, this post might go over your head. You could go here and check it out ofcourse. It has Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham which could be an incentive, atleast the latter. (No, I am not a Shahrukh fan).

Personally, I think Pepsi has sunk to a low. The commercial is just so boring! Shahrukh and John bantering together rather listlessly – nothing really witty or even funny, and then the highlight being that a teenage boy addresses Shahrukh as uncle. And why won’t Indian advertising ever let humor do its own work? No, they can’t possibly trust that the audience will get the joke, so they have to rub it in, with Shahrukh trying his usual hangdog expression and blabbering on about how bad he felt. Pathetic really.

The only good thing is the shot of the Pepsi MyCan new pack, which does look pretty sleek, and much hotter than anything else in the market.

While I am certainly biased, Aamir Khan’s ads in the same category seem so much better!



  1. I haven’t seen the tv ad but I saw a hoarding and told my husband – “doesn’t Shah Rukh Khan look like Abhijit Sawant here? I wonder what his styilst was thinking of” –

    I generally like pepsi better as a brand – their initial communication ka hangover and all that – bu I must admit that Aamir in Coke does a far far better job. this is from long ago –

  2. Lol Apu, you got it wrong although I dont blame you coz it’s a bit rushed: SRK tells John that he feels bad the kid called JOHN uncle. 😀

    But yeah, the Coke ad is tons better.

  3. charu – you must watch it!

    amrita – is that so? i distinctly remember shahrukh saying “mujhe bura laga!” so i thought he means himself!

  4. Apu, I finally caught it last night – very aiyyo – and yes, Shah Rukh Khan looked very Abhijit Sawant in it 🙂

  5. Sharukh looks a joker in whatever he does/did.Seeing him I have come to believe in luck.

  6. i am so glad to see others think the way i do – as far as the great srk is concerned 🙂

  7. […] Abraham and all is well in the world of stud-dom. While I didn’t think much of the ad itself (Apu, I agree), it takes a lot of courage to own up to the aging process – especially in an industry that […]

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  9. hey guys isn’t pepsi shifting to an older generation with this advt. they began as gen x right?

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