Matchmaking@The Hindu

The Hindu has a hoarding up for its matrimonial pages today, claiming, “What Parents do for their children, Behind their backs.” Hullo! I know the Hindu is an ancient newspaper with a hoary past and all that, but do they necessarily need to reveal such an ancient mindset? When matrimonial sites are proliferating, and even social networking could rapidly be a conduit to dating and perhaps marriage, why are parents sneaking behind backs trying to set up marriages? And then the paper also had to put in a killer tagline, “Making matchmaking enjoyable”. My mind boggles!



  1. Hmm, I don’t know enough about this situation to really understand how much of a conflict there is between generations, but it sort of reminds me how in Half of a Yellow Sun the younger people had such completely different ideas from the older people.

  2. dew, trust you to relate it to a book 🙂

    in this case, (though i am younger), i feel even the parents (atleast urban ones) dont think this way any longer !

  3. Sorry for the off topic comment… but when do we get to read some fiction?

  4. shoefie!! well, honestly have been thinking abt reviving my fiction blog, but the kind of (longer) stories that i am working on now don’t seem to lend themselves well to a blog format… what to do…

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