Your very own Comic Strip

Looks like everyone is blogging these days, and using the new media (blogs, social networks) in different ways. Did you know Virgin Comics had a blog? Not just that, they’ve entered into a deal with MySpace to launch something called Coalitioncomix where MySpace users can have a say in whats being created. Basically, to the small extent of choosing from a set of given storylines and so on. I wouldn’t really call it a “user generated” exercise, since that would mean users actually getting involved in creating characters, total plot, graphics and so on. But yes, it probably will build a tremendous amount of visibility for Virgin comics through MySpace.

I wonder whats in it for the comic book creators. I somehow believe firmly that a wiki approach doesn’t work when it comes to creative work of this sort. Ofcourse this is far less ambitious than the penguin wiki novel project, but still, I doubt anything really worth reading will come out it. Comic buffs have derided it as just another stupid talent show though I really don’t think the objective is to generate fresh talent. It doesn’t offer enough room for that.

Like I said, its good publicity for Virgin and using a social networking platform, especially one as popular with young people as MySpace, will probably mean publicity to the right audience.


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