Kiran Bedi is not amused!

There is ofcourse no link between the two events, but it is strange to note that just as we gained a female president (though controversially), the country’s top IPS officer claims gender bias in promotions at the highest level.

Traditionally, most government institutions in India, including the police, place tremendous emphasis on seniority, so it is surprising that Ms. Bedi who hails from the 1972 IPS batch has been overlooked in favor of Mr. Y.S. Dadyal, a 1974 batch officer. I am not too sure if it is gender bias though – Kiran Bedi being one of the most outspoken officers in this country, I bet that doesn’t sit too well with people in power, regardless of gender. There is also the possibility ofcourse, that such outspokenness is even less appreciated in a woman.

What is worrying ofcourse is the two other cases of two other women at senior positions who have been overlooked for the top post – Kiran Bedi brings this up in the first article above. In the case of one of these women, Reva Nayyar, it is believed that the 7 year absence she took from her career could have played a role, although she still made up for it due to having joined the IAS at a very early age, and her very high rank in the IAS exams. If, as Ms. Bedi claims, gender bias really crept up on all these cases, its horribly disheartening to see that even our elite services are not free.



  1. there is gender bias everywhere. in UP, even the constables dont take orders well from female seniors. so i can see where they had trouble placing kiran bedi higher…

  2. actually i am a little surprised. i somehow felt that the elite services (at the highest levels) wouldnt have issues like these…

  3. Pratibha, Sonia, Dixit…delhi is so full of women. Manmohan wants a break 🙂 But Bedi shouldn’t have cried, this time it was the right kind of experience in delhi that gave the other guy an edge. The official line on this was pretty much ok, don’t think its gender bias.

  4. bvn – do you have any news on that ? where did you find that ?

  5. well, I’ll post the link if i find it, was CNN-IBN or Hindu. The explanation was something like this Dadwal has a very wide and extensive experience in Delhi compared to Bedi. He knows the unique contours of every police station in the network. This was what tilted the balance in his favour, which I guess should. they had also mentioned how the consultative process eliminates the chance for a gender or any other kind of bias. This was the official line.

    curious thing is, the papers are full of what Bedi said.

  6. i see. what makes me suspicious is precisely that the indian services, be it police, or any other, are not usually known for this sort of thing – seniority is mostly a given in the bureaucracy, armed forces etc. in which situation , passing over the srnior most person seems unusual.

  7. In case of Reva Nayyar, the problem is probably not her 7-year gap but her ‘forthright views’ which are well-known. Probably the same problem as Kiran Bedi’s?

    In senior roles, it is expected – everywhere, not just in India – that some diplomacy (low profile type behaviours) will be required. The catch 22 for most women is that they got ahead playing the game by the rules set by men and by becoming like men so that is what gets them in the end…

  8. well, shefaly, in that case, again, its an issue of “we can do this but not you”, and while things may be that way, I think Bedi is quite right in crying wolf (if she is right in her assessment of the situation). No reason why she should put up with it na?

  9. Her crying wolf gets her nowhere, and probably makes it hard for her to effect changes that she could have managed by being inside the organisation. Which is a bigger loss?

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