How fast do you want your mail?

I am a little surprised by this new free mail service that has started advertising quite heavily these days – Zapak Mail. (See the ad story here and here.)I think I’ve seen a few other variants as well, the basic premise being, zapakmail is fast and simple.

Now Zapakmail is one of the last entrants in this crowded market, with the global biggies Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, as well as the Indian guys, Rediff, Indiatimes all well established. So why exactly should one go in for zapak mail? (Besides the weird name, if such things appeal to you)

Its free, just like any of the others. But, oh, its simple as well! And – don’t forget this, fast! The website promises “Experience fast search, send and receive mails on any connection”. I searched for any sort of information on this, but couldn’t really find out how this works. What exactly enables Zapak to beat a poor internet connection and still be fast enough? The site doesn’t say. For me, I would rather have an automatic save feature like google’s which ensures that my long mail doesn’t get lost in the event of a sudden power failure.

It also promises though that “Anyone can use it, just – Log in, Compose and Send!”. Wonder what was so tough about other services.

However the sheer noise that the brand is making must be having some effect, I suppose. Otherwise, how else can one account for a supposed record they have achieved – 1,15,263 users signing up in a day!



  1. Maybe they have some feature the others don’t have. If I had known that gmail had such free, easy photo storage, I never would have been using yahoo for mail and paying village photos to frustrate me every time I had photos to post!

  2. hmm possible, just that the advertising is not clear on that one!

  3. zapak or whatever- I find the ad in very bad taste- the one with the coffin

  4. yeah these things just dont seem to strike people…

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