Hoarding Watch : ColorPlus

I confess – I am a big fan of outdoor advertising. I know it clutters up the landscape horribly, but I love analysing the ads and images on my way to work or anywhere else.

I confess too, that this hoarding from ColorPlus, the men’s clothing brand has me a little perplexed.


What’s the message? That ColorPlus offers women’s clothing too now? In which case ok. But somehow, ColorPlus has this image as a western clothing brand, while the fabrics they’ve shown here don’t seem to match that. Is it supposed to be Indo-Western? Readers, please decode… its all too much, as they say! (atleast for me!)



  1. Hey! All this ad depicts is the comfort provided for summerwear! Lets not try to read too much ‘in-between lines’ and bother ourselves silly!

  2. Gauzy fabric from head to toe doesnt seem too comfortable for summer, does it?

    And not sure why reading messages from ads should be ‘in between the lines’. Any communication, once it goes out, will be read in any number of ways by viewers…and the sender doesn’t have any more control over it, regardless of what was the “intended message”

  3. Sartorially challenged – looks more like winterwear in the Sahara – not very comforting when the temperature’s touching 40 in the shade . I like your fetish ,though – watching hoardings and discussing them!

  4. Thanks, Mallika…My trusty handphone has just gotten itself lost, so hoarding watch will probably be dull for a little while 😦

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