Customer Service Indian Style

I believe ATMs in Japan never ever go out of order. Its considered a matter of shame if machines malfunction, and companies go to incredible lengths to ensure that they work round the clock, or repair them immediately, if they ever go out of order. (I read a very interesting article on this some time ago, though I can’t trace it now, maybe readers have some clue?)

In Bangalore ofcourse, ATMs malfunction all the time (apart from the too long queues at key locations). Machines sometimes don’t work, they sometimes run out of cash, and sometimes even swallow your card. And companies seem to take their own sweet time to run repairs — I know some banks where one machine is permanently not working.

So if you can’t ensure that your technology works all the time, and neither can you put it back quickly when it breaks down, whats the next best thing you can do? Why, direct your customers to the nearest alternative ofcourse !


*(This ATM was working – I guess the notice was up in the event of any breakdowns or maybe just in case of long queues!)



  1. this is a good one. to take care of emergencies

  2. yes, i thought so too. it is a form of customer service, and probably the easiest one for the bank to implement, since actually ensuring that the machines work all the time is far tougher !

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