Coming up ! The next Carnival of Feminists !

The Carnival of Feminists is a wonderful bi-monthly event, where I often find much of my feminist reading. They feature a lot of new blogs each time, so it really makes for some interesting points of view. Ofcourse much of it is still US and Euro-centric, but that is changing, and should change faster, if more and more of us from other countries participate !

I often complain about how so much feminist blogging is lovely to read, but doesn’t tie in directly with my immediate concerns as an Indian woman. Abortion rights, for e.g., which seems to be the most hotly debated topic in the American feminist blogspace is not directly relevant here – technically, we have complete rights to choose, though the social structure may in reality leave women with few choices. The onus of bringing these issues up then, is on us, who live in this environment and need to deal with it.

So, if you have a good post you’d like to share, or have come across an interesting post that you’d like to nominate, head over to the F-word blog which is hosting the 35th Carnival.

The current one is on at A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag (Doesn’t that deserve an award for the title…)



  1. hey!
    i wrote something mildly related to feminism. check it out in my blog. it was a response to Amrita’s – I think u read and commented on that one, over at Indiequill.

  2. There is one titled ‘feminism as I see it’See if you like it.Check out the archives of aug/sept 2006.It may not exactly to the liking of youngsters but definitely worth a read.

  3. Cool. Will check both. Why don’t you guys maybe nominate these 🙂

  4. dunno abt that babe – mine was more of a rant. (as most things are!)

  5. You know what we should do? And i mean you, DG, Padma, me and everybody we can rope in – we should write about what feminism means in the Indian context. I dont think anyone else is going to write… and if they do, they’re all first wave feminists of the Brinda Karat type. Not my scene at least.

    Thanks for the link.

  6. Amrita, great idea – infact, why dont we all do a post on “What feminism means to me” – and ofcourse it will be in the Indian context – this could be in a particular week…

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