Pizza Grannies

Its been a long time since I wrote, and a three month hiatus in the blog world feels like eternity ! But work has been way too hectic, and maintaining two blogs felt more like a chore than fun. Now that things have eased up a little, here I am again, and hope to continue regularly.

I am starting here with a conversation that husband and I had today morning. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Radio Indigo had on air, Mrs. Padma Srinivasan, one of the ‘pizza grannies’ of Bangalore, who is making waves with her pizzas in a business dominated by MNCs. I love this for two reasons – one, I can’t resist pizza, and two, who can resist an entrepreneur granny !

But, she said something on air, that set us thinking. She spoke about how society has done so much for you, and hence, each of us needs to pay back when we can. Now, I am not really sure of this argument about how society has done so much for you. In a country like India, where our tax monies are mostly frittered away in lining various pockets, we can’t really be assured of a public fund being used for the public good. And if its not about monetary issues, then surely its individuals who reach out to one another in small, ordinary ways.

On the other hand, I do acknowledge, that in a deeply divided society, being born where I am, is a huge privilege, and something completely unearned. (Yes, I believe in rebirth and karma, but I don’t have any proof of my doings in previous births do I?). So I do think that itself is a good reason to give back. Giving to people who didn’t have this fantastic accident called birth in a (reasonably) affluent, educated, loving family can only be a good thing to do, besides being fair.

In the process, if you can set up a great business and have fun, why not ! More power to the likes of the Pizza grannies…



  1. I read about the Pizza grannies a while back and think they are far more enterprising at double my age. As for doing one’s bit for society , we can do so in so many simple ways. How often do we stop our drivers from spitting on the road or our maid from eating her snack without washing her hands- sounds micro but as the cliche goes- drops to make the ocean. Giving Money to the under privileged I have come to belive is the simplest way out of responsibility.

  2. I told ya – we shld set up our own sandwich shop and you don’t listen to me! tut, tut!

  3. Art, true – help is possible in many ways, including giving that most precious commodity – time.

    DG – there is still time, get your ass to India first…

  4. 2009 Jan – will be back in good ole Chennai. I’ve got a sooper biz plan – will tell u when u come here.

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