Whats this blog all about?

For some time now, I have been feeling the need for a place where I can place my non-fiction writing, talk about my professional experiences, about the marketing world to which I belong, how I perceive the Indian workplace. I overcame that laziness today and finally started on this one. The look and template is not completely in place yet, but will be shortly.

The reason I felt the need for a blog like this, is that the Indian workplace (not a neatly defined category, but a term I use for the sake of convenience) is changing at an astounding place. From the time I started my career, in 2000, to what it is today, there are many changes in the way companies function, in the way markets are moving faster than ever. The question is, however, whether companies are changing fast enough internally. Corporate culture, the way organisations look at employees, rewards and measurement mechanisms – what is happening, or not happening to all of these.

In my spare time (which I sometimes manage to generate, by just sitting in my cubicle and looking at the screen while pretending to work), I think a lot, on many of these issues. Some of these are closely linked to my own experiences, some based on conversations with friends across industries, some just based on what I see around me. Not all of them weighty perhaps, but yes, definitely important to me, and hopefully interesting to readers (where are you?!) looking at this sphere, whether you are a HR professional, consultant, scaling-up entrepreneur or just another employee like me.



  1. Kudos! Only now I have to track you on two blogs! 🙂 And do tell if wordpress is a far better platform than blogger.

  2. Thank you for dropping by and leaving the first comment. I really needed a distinct place for my non-fiction writing. Too early to say, but wordpress does seem to offer more features.

  3. nice blog.
    I noticed that on IE the numbers of your bullets are half faded on the left.

    Just thought you might like to know.

  4. Thanks Jeric. I did notice but somehow unable to change it. Probably sine I am a wordpress newbie!

  5. Well, it’s gone. You did a good job.

  6. hey first time here- para 2 “pace”
    good initiative- refreshingly diff

  7. Hey! Good to see you on wordpress. And nice categories you got! Will look forward to Feminist and Branding especially!


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